The Weeknd Has A Song And A Role In An Upcoming Episode Of ‘American Dad’ He Co-Wrote

The Weeknd has already dominated music and the big screen this year and now, he’s coming for your television as well. Deadline reports that the Canadian singer scored a co-writing credit on the animated sitcom American Dad, for an episode of the upcoming season that will include an original song and an appearance by the man himself. The series returns to TBS Monday, April 13.

The Weeknd also posted to his social media, revealing the air date of “his” epsiode: May 4. The posts included a photo of The Weeknd embracing American Dad writer Joel Hurwitz with a note that the photo was taken before the North American coronavirus outbreak and a reminder to fans to stay indoors. “Me and this guy wrote an episode of American Dad,” the caption reads. “Also gonna play myself… kinda.” With that mysterious tease, he signed off: “Photo was taken a while ago… STAY HOME.”

2020 has been a huge year for The Weeknd, who appeared in the buzzy Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems in December, riding that wave right into a flurry of promotion for his new album After Hours that included scintillating late-night performances and cinematic music videos. Now, it seems he’s going to get animated, becoming a star in yet another arena.

American Dad airs 4/13 on TBS.