Fans Think The Weeknd Dissed The Grammys In His New ‘Save Your Tears’ Video

The Weeknd has not held back his feelings about the Grammys and the Recording Academy since he somehow didn’t earn a single nomination for the 2021 ceremony (which look like it’s going to be postponed). He has called them out on multiple occasions over the past few months, and now fans believe he has done so again in the new “Save Your Tears” video that he released today.

In one scene that many fans on Twitter have interpreted as a shot at the Grammys, The Weeknd holds a golden trophy (which supposedly represents a Grammy trophy) as he performs on stage and eventually throws it away. Right before he does that, he sings, “I broke your heart like someone did to mine.”

One fan offered a compelling broader theory, writing in multiple tweets, “So Abel’s on stage performing, physically looking fake and not his true self. He’s performing for a crowd full of masked people. the crowd could symbolize the Grammys voters bc I don’t think we know who they are irl. Him performing for these masked people could symbolize artists having to perform and do things for the Recording Academy in order to get nominations, maybe even wins. His appearance, mostly his face, could mean that he has to be this fake person for these voters to nominate him.”

Check out some more reactions to the video below.