The Weeknd’s New Album ‘My Dear Melancholy’ Is Officially His Third To Debut At No. 1

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The Weeknd has officially entered the lexicon of musicians with a hat-trick of consecutive number one debut albums. His latest effort My Dear Melancholy was just officially sanctioned as having sold enough copies since it’s release and before the closing date of April 5th, to debut at number one. Quite the achievement for the forlorn Canadian rapper/producer. My Dear Melancholy was surprised dropped on March 30th with nary a whiff of hype or build up to its release, however that didn’t stop it from claiming the number one spot with over 169,000 equivalent albums sold in just under seven days.

Billboard broke the news and Weeknd was quick to re-tweet them without comment. My Dear Melancholy is only a six-track album and actually, one of the shortest to make it to number one, preceded by Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals soundtrack, another six track album from way back in 2010. But if you wanted to compare it to a short album by a single artist, you’d have to go all the way back to the six-track album put out by Jay-Z and Linkin Park, the MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents: Collision Course.

As for any comment on the accomplishment, two hours after tweeting the initial word from Billboard, Weeknd made an odd tweet.

What might the elusive and enigmatic Weeknd mean by such a bold yet cryptic statement? Is he teasing another surprise release? Is it some kind of secret code? Is this how he communicates joy? We may never know.