Travis Scott’s Astroworld Lawyer Revealed To Have Trump Connections

Travis Scott has been in a whole heap of trouble since this year’s Astroworld Festival, where 10 people were killed and 300 injured as the result of a crowd crush. Now, he and Astroworld promoter Live Nation (and Live Nation’s ScoreMore subsidiary) are facing over 100 lawsuits from attendees and the families of victims, with the total damages being demanded topping $3 billion. Among them are the families of a nine-year-old and a 14-year-old who both died due to their injuries, as well as a pair of security guards from the concert who handled what they believed to be dead bodies.

Yesterday, it was reported that Travis and Live Nation had secured representation for the upcoming onslaught of cases (which might be condensed to one, big, more manageable case), but today, it looks like Travis’ choice is already drawing even more negative attention for the embattled Houston rapper. As interested parties look into Daniel Petrocelli, Travis’ lawyer, they’ve come to realize that Petrocelli was the lawyer that Donald Trump called to defend him from fraud lawsuits stemming from his Trump University real estate seminars. Petrocelli was able to negotiate a $25 million settlement.

That may be just the outcome the rapper is looking for; at least one of the lawsuits against him is demanding $750 million among 120 Astroworld attendees, so paying out just a fraction via settlement could very well be the best-case scenario for him.