Tyga And YG Will Cosplay As The Kardashians In Their Upcoming ‘Run’ Video

Who had YG and Tyga getting fully made-up as The Kardashians on their 2022 bingo card? Nobody? Ok. Well, it’s officially a thing as this looks to be the motif for the vieo for YG’s new song, “Run,” which is dropping on Friday, June 24 at midnight. In a teaser clip for the video posted by YG to his Instagram feed, the pair have gone full White Chicks and it’s well, pretty ridiculous.

The pair sit in the cleanest convertible Ferrari you’ve ever seen as “Run” starts to play on the radio. YG is in the driver seat rocking a blonde wig, presumably indicating that he is Khloé Kardashian, while Tyga rides shotgun in black hair with big sunglasses a la Kim. Tyga… err, Kim fixes their hair, while YG/Khloé dances to the tune and says, ““Calabasas forever!,” referencing where the Kardashian’s family home is located. Tyga — who seems really into the cosplay — then looks in the vanity mirror to touch-up his make-up and lipstick, before giving the camera a “blue steel” look.


The pair must have no doubt spent literal hours in a makeup chair to become the Kardashians and it’s unexpected to say the least. “Run” is also set to feature Bia and 21 Savage, and drops Friday at midnight. There’s no word yet on whether it will be included on YG’s upcoming album, Pray For Me, but the clip above certainly does it’s job: piquing curiosity for the full video this Friday.