Tyler The Creator Introduces His New Golf Le Fleur Luggage With The Cheeky ‘Globetrotter’ Short Film

Tyler The Creator doesn’t call himself “Bellhop” for nothing. His fascination with bags and luggage has been at the forefront of his Call Me If You Get Lost rollout. However, while he loves to show off his designer trunks — just check out the video for “Lumberjack” to see an example — from this point forward it seems likely that those trunks will include some from his own brand, Golf Le Fleur.

After introducing a line of nail polish — also something he showcased during the rollout — and a fragrance — maybe someone who’s spent some time in his proximity can confirm if this one was part of the album promotion — Tyler has unveiled the latest Golf product and in all honesty, it really might be his best to date. The Golf bags come in three sizes: the 9″ London Square handbag ($1,395), the 14″ Mini Attache ($1,695), and the 20″ Trolley trunk ($2,095). All are made from Vulcanized Fibreboard with leather corners and handles featuring neutral colors with Golf’s signature pops of pastel. They are kind of gorgeous.

In typical Tyler fashion, he introduced the new products with yet another self-directed short film titled “Globetrotter.” It’s semi-inspired by French New Wave cinema and has a quirky, tongue-in-cheek plotline that gives his bag a goofy origin story that seems like a bit of a satirical, daydream-y nod to his own absentee pops.

In addition to the bags themselves, the latest drop also includes stickers, a luggage tag, and a leather passport case. All are also luxury prices but then again, they also come in luxury quality. You can check out the full drop here.