Tyler The Creator Bought Sunglasses Right Off Of A Random Person’s Face

Tyler The Creator is something of a fashion icon. His influential clothing brand Golf Wang is enough proof of that. He also dons colorful styles in his everyday life, and attention-grabbing sunglasses are often a part of his ensemble. Recently, he was in New York City and he saw somebody wearing a pair of sunglasses that he just had to have. So, he bought them right off the person’s face.

TMZ reports that the woman was walking in NYC and heard somebody yell, “Your glasses are FIRE!!!” She didn’t really notice because she was wearing headphones, so she kept on walking until Tyler’s bodyguard tapped her on the shoulder. He offered the woman $50 for the sunglasses, which she had bought at a thrift store for $10. She said no, but accepted his next offer of $100.

She was then brought to a nearby ice cream shop, where she met Tyler. He gave her the cash and she left, after which point the bodyguard followed her out to ask if she wanted a photo with Tyler so she could prove her story later.

With a new pair of shades in hand, Tyler’s 2020 is off to a strong start. He ended 2019 on a high note as well, by dropping a pair of new songs from the Igor sessions.