Unknown Mortal Orchestra Shares The Sleepy, Disco Stomp ‘Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays’

Neil Krug

Unknown Mortal Orchestra continues to promote their upcoming album Sex & Food in a completely unconventional way. For example, a few days ago members of the band’s fan club received a pamphlet in the mail that looks straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. The pamphlet directed members to the domain everyoneactscrazynowadays.com where late last night the single premiered.

The song “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” is a kind of sleepy, lullaby disco stomp which is both on brand and a bit of an evolutionary step for the New Zealand duo/band who has always been known for dreamy, dance-infused bedroom rock. UMO are also already somewhat renown for building a career out of unconventional marketing gimmicks such as debuting by posting and promoting a song anonymously on SoundCloud back in 2010.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra will be supporting the album with a previously announced tour that sees dates in North America and the UK beginning in April. You can pick up the new album Sex & Food when it becomes available in full and for purchase on April 6th.

Sex & Food Tracklist

  1. “A God Called Hubris”
  2. “Major League Chemicals”
  3. “Ministry of Alienation”
  4. “Hunnybee”
  5. “Chronos Feasts on His Children”
  6. “American Guilt”
  7. “The Internet of Love (That Way)”
  8. “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays”
  9. “This Doomsday”
  10. “How Many Zeros”
  11. “Not In Love We’re Just High”
  12. “If You’re Going to Break Yourself”