There’s A Snake In The Kitchen In Vampire Weekend’s ‘Harmony Hall’ Video, Which Features Jonah Hill

Earlier this month, Jonah Hill was seen with Vampire Weekend, apparently directing a video for them at a Manhattan restaurant. Now the band has shared a new clip for “Harmony Hall,” and while this isn’t the clip that Hill directed, he does make an appearance in it. In the Emmett Malloy-directed video, Ezra Koenig is seen making breakfast in a robe and undershirt, accompanied by a snake slithering around the countertop. At the end of the clip, the band pals around in the kitchen with Hill, as well as Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange).

Koenig previously said of the song:

“‘Harmony Hall’ is one of those songs that has deep roots. Vampire Weekend fans might recognize a little shared DNA, lyrically, with some other things I’ve done. It’s one of those songs that started with a piano part, this baroque part that happens in the middle. And then that part developed for a long time; I was always playing it on piano, trying different ways to play it. And then years later I wrote the guitar riff, and then finally it came together and felt like a song.

That’s just sometimes what happens; you have these ideas, they’re not ready to be a whole song. And then finally the verse meets the chorus and then you’re off to the races.”

Watch the video for “Harmony Hall” above.