Victoria Monét’s Stylish ‘On My Mama’ Video Is Choreographed To Perfection And Downright Excellent

Victoria Monét’s long-awaited album Jaguar II is mere weeks from its scheduled release date. In just hours, the singer’s supporting The Jaguar Tour sold out across the country, and her stylish new video for the single “On My Mama” showed why fans were eager to grab their tickets. When the record was first shared in June, users online gushed over how she sampled Chalie Boy’s 2008 southern classic “I Look Good.”

So, in the video, Victoria was sure to feature a surprise cameo from the musician, her mother, and her sweet toddler daughter. But that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what’s honored in the visual. There’s no part of the visual that doesn’t pay homage to Black Southern culture and entertainers. From the oversized white tees, Girbauds jeans, loose durags, letterman jackets, grills, and more, Victoria honors several fashion trends birthed in the South.

That intense attention to detail shows up in the downright excellent choreography cooked up by Sean Bankhead as the pair found a way to incorporate the nostalgic 2000s dance crazes the heel-toe, chicken head, walk it out, crank dat, swag surf, and more without being overly cheesy. Everyday Southern culture is also in the video, including tricked-out rides, Black D9 fraternities, and sororities syncretize strolls (line dances) originated at historically Black colleges and universities, and more.

During an interview with the BBC, the music discussed what motivated her to write the track, saying, “It was the first song I wrote after giving birth that I liked. And that I felt affirmed me and my identity as a beautiful woman. Still valuable. Still worthy.” But, honestly, speaking thanks to the video “On My Mama” has propelled far behind Victoria’s initial self-serving needs.

Watch the video for “On My Mama” above.

Jaguar II is out 8/25 via Lovett Music/RCA Records. Find more information here.