The Weeknd Flew A 6-Year-Old Superfan Out To A Concert After They Missed A Postponed Toronto Show

Last week, thousands of The Weeknd fans were upset to learn that his show at Toronto’s Rogers Centre was postponed last-minute. The reason was due to a nationwide outage impacting Rogers Communications, which meant that some essential venue operations were a no-go. The Weeknd wrote at the time, “I’m crushed & heartbroken. Been at the venue all day but it’s out of our hands because of the Rogers outage. Operations and safety are compromised and I tried my absolute best.”

There was one fan who took the news particularly hard, as a young boy, donning a slick After Hours-era red suit outfit, was photographed crying outside the venue. The Weeknd himself saw this, shared the photo, and tweeted, “can someone please find him for me?”

The boy is 6-year-old Phoenix Prince, whose father, Blake Prince, later told CBC, “Phoenix was getting attention with his suit. We had a breakdown moment. He got upset over the fact the show was postponed and somebody captured a picture.”

It turns out The Weeknd ended up coming through for Phoenix. Last night, he performed in Philadelphia and flew Phoenix and Blake out for the show, where Phoenix met The Weeknd, got his red jacket signed, and spent some time checking out backstage and other behind-the-scenes areas.

Sharing some photos from the day, Blake wrote on Instagram, “I wouldn’t be able to put this last week into words if I tried. We are forever grateful for this moment in time. We are beyond thankful to Abel and his beautiful crew for their friendship, hospitality, generosity and for spending day with Phoenix and I today. He will cherish this experience forever. Thank you a million times over.”

Check out the photos below.