‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Does His Best Rivers Cuomo Impression In Weezer’s ‘Africa’ Video

With all the talk of “song of the summer,” one of the lowkey contenders has to be Weezer’s surprise smash “Africa,” their cover of the classic Toto song. The tune managed to top the charts at alt radio, becoming the most played song in a single week ever at the format. The strange sensation found Toto returning the favor with their own Weezer cover, Weezer performing with a Toto member, and even “Weird Al” Yankovic joining the band for a live rendition. Weezer have had no problems making waves over the course of their career with their own originals, but this cover has truly taken on a life of its own.

Now comes the official video for the track, which features “Weird Al” returning to give his best Rivers Cuomo impression. The appearance makes a slow reveal, with Yankovic sticking to the shadows before the light hits his face. But by the clip’s finish, he’s performed high kicks, ripped an accordion solo, and outlasted the rest of his imposter bandmates. While the actual Weezer never shows up to the video, “Weird Al” does a mighty fine job capturing the energy of the band, and then taking it to absurd new places.

Check out the clip for Weezer’s “Africa” cover above.