What Did BIA Say About Cardi B On Her Diss Song ‘Sue Meee?’

The next track-for-track rap beef is on the grill. Cardi B and BIA’s once subtle online dust ups have now become full-on diss records.

On May 31, Cardi B took the first direct shots on GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wanna Be” remix. Today (June 2), after teasing a snippet on Instagram Live, BIA dropped the official audio to her response record, “Sue Meee?,” despite Cardi B’s threat of legal action.

So, what exactly did BIA say on the record? Continue below for more information.

What Did BIA Say About Cardi B On Her Diss Song “Sue Meee?”

Before BIA even rapped, she subtly shaded Cardi with stock audio, referring to Cardi B previously recording and sharing private telephone conversations online, reportedly including their exchange.

In the record’s opening, BIA, claimed that Cardi cheated on her husband Offset, speculated about her alleged gang affiliation, and subtly mentioned her best friend Star Brim.

“You a f*ck girl I see right through yah / Put it on your gang that they didn’t f*ck you in / Put it on your name since you so gangsta like your f*cking friends / Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your f*cking vows / I write all my verses I can do this sh*t for hours”

Then, BIA clowned Cardi for staying with her husband after he supposedly had sex with another woman in their shared home. She also attempted to poked fun at Cardi for allegedly out earning Offset.

“I’ll be damned if I let a n**** f*ck a b*tch inside my house / Your money long and you split that / Your n**** saying, ‘That’s ours'”

Next, BIA take aim at Cardi’s past cosmetic procedures and self-esteem while naming dropping her children, daughter Kulture and son Wave (who she shares with Offset).

“Put it on God that you ain’t change your face to mine / I’ll get on your ass hoe I don’t have to waste no time / Say you love yourself, but you won’t put that on your kids / All that surgery and how your body look so mid / Thought your ass was for the culture (Kulture) / You just trying to ride the wave (Wave) / You should be home with your kids ’cause you speak like second grade”

Lastly, she referenced Cardi B using outside songwriters such as Pardison Fontaine to allegedly write her biggest records.

“C-A-R-D, cry on IG / Catch another ‘tude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat / Do I beef with you are beef with Pardi (Pardison Fontaine) / You been scrapping projects since 2019 / Weak ass b*tch

Listen to the full track below.