When Can You Play PartyNextDoor’s New Album ‘P4’ On Apple Music?

On April 1, PartyNextDoor shocked the world when he revealed the cover art for his upcoming album, P4 (short for PartyNextDoor 4). The cover, which featured a photo of a nude woman kneeling from behind in a pose suggesting an intimate moment between lovers, made some fans wonder online if it was an April Fool’s joke. But in the weeks since, Party has stuck to his guns as he released a trickle of new music, including the single “Real Woman.” So…

When Can You Play PartyNextDoor’s New Album P4 On Apple Music?

P4 is out 4/26 via OVO Sound / Warner Records. That means it’ll most likely hit streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal at midnight, eastern time (which is 9 PM pacific).

The album will be the Canadian R&B singer’s fourth studio album and his first in four years following the release of PartyMobile in 2020. He previously explained the delay as the result of a relationship. Naturally, that means fan anticipation is high; in Wongo Okon’s latest feature for Uproxx, he lists four wishes for the new album, including “a new album cover.” Fans are also looking forward to a new Drake collaboration; Party’s prior connections with his OVO boss have become fan favorites, so there’s a tradition to live up to.

We’ll see if the album does so in a few hours.