Why Is Daddy Yankee Retiring From Music?

A while back, Daddy Yankee had revealed that he would be retiring from music. Now, during his recent concert at Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he provided fans with more of an explanation as to why. Here’s what to know.

Why Is Daddy Yankee Retiring From Music?

Daddy Yankee, whose real name is Ramón Rodríguez, revealed that he wants to focus on religion and dedicate his life to Jesus instead.

“My people, this is the most important day of my life. I want to share it… because living a life of success is not the same as living a life of purpose,” he said, according to a translation from Spanish via NME.

“This is why tonight I acknowledge that Jesus lives for me – and I will live for him,” Rodríguez added. “All of the tools that I have within my power – like music, social media, my platform, the mic, everything that God gave me is now for him.”

At the end of his speech, Daddy Yankee declared, “I am human and everyone that follows me should follow Jesus Christ.”

He also took to social media to share the clip of his speech. At the show, it ended with fireworks that showed a cross and the translated message of “Christ loves you.”

Check out Daddy Yankee’s clip above.