Why Were Dreezy And Deiondra Sanders Beefing About Jacquees On Twitter?

Just when it seemed that the dust was settling from Nicki Minaj’s attacks on Megan Thee Stallion and whatever is going on between Latto and Ice Spice, a new feud hit our timelines. This one was just a little bit different though; instead of two rappers beefing over record sales or public affection, there’s a much more personal angle involved.

After breaking up with R&B singer Jacquees, it looks like Chicago rapper Dreezy has been having some trouble with her former flame, resulting in a tiff with his new interest, Deiondra Sanders (NFL legend Deion Sanders‘ daughter). It all started on Tuesday (February 6), with Dreezy posting some cryptic tweets that seemed as tho she was taking shots at some identified rival.

At first, no one knew just who she was addressing, but whoever it was antagonized Dreezy to the point of posting a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her ex Jacquees in which he begged her to take him back and she unequivocally rejected his latest advances. “I want you I don’t want her,” he wrote, noting that he also wanted to have kids with her.

The screenshot put her earlier comments (now deleted) into context; Dreezy was apparently beefing with Deiondra Sanders, whom Jacquees has apparently been dating for some time. Sanders’ Twitter page reveals her responses to Dreezy’s needling, with her own obtuse responses: “Why would he switch out a dime for a penny?” she asked. “Obsessed is when you still sending underwear with your face on it to the crib.”


Of course, fans couldn’t resist weighing in on the drama, commenting that there are no real “winners” in this situation. But the real loser just might be Jacquees, who appears to have fumbled both women and gotten beat up by Trey Songz in the span of a month. Prime is probably so disappointed in him.