Drake Seems To Be Recording A Video For ‘First Person Shooter’

Of all the songs on Drake’s new album, For All The Dogs, the one that appears to have had the biggest impact is “First Person Shooter” featuring J. Cole. And why not? It features the long-awaited reunion of the two titans of blog era rap, pairing them for only the sixth time in their parallel careers. It turned out to be a smart match; the single shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite not being promoted as a single or having a music video.

That state of affairs may be changing soon, though, as a video that recently surfaced on Twitter (never X, never) depicted what appears to be Drake shooting a music video on the roof of the Scotiabank Arena in his native Toronto for what fans believe will be the video for “First Person Shooter.” Their belief stems from the fact Drake is standing on a platform made up of square tiles and the one he’s standing on is lit up.

This would appear to be a reference to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” video, in which the King Of Pop dance-walked across similar light-up tiles as he sang. The connection is even stronger considering Drake references Michael Jackson’s Billboard hit making record in the lyrics from “First Person Shooter,” rapping, “N****s talkin’ ’bout when this gon’ be repeated / What the f*ck bro? I’m one away from Michael / N****, beat it, n****, beat it.”

Incidentally it’s “First Person Shooter” that actually tied Drake with Michael Jackson for most No. 1s in Billboard history — although his accomplishment is built on streaming rather than pure sales. Still, in the increasingly crowded marketplace for new music, it might be every bit as impressive as Drake thinks to keep people’s attention for over a decade of chart-topping hits, because while you can fake streams some of the time, it’s not exactly cost-effective to do it for as long as Drake’s been a hit-making champ.

Keep an eye out for the “First Person Shooter” video, and check out Drake’s video for the album’s other big standout (albeit for a less impressive reason), “Another Late Night” with Lil Yachty, in the meantime.