Willow Brings Kid Cudi Into The Fold For A New ‘Transparent Soul’ Remix

Willow took a risk in pivoting to a more pop-punk sound, but she quickly proved she knows how to excel in the space with singles like “Transparent Soul.” She got Travis Barker to join her on the track, and now she’s added another collaborator to is, as Kid Cudi hops on a new remix that was shared today.

On the track, Cudi gets his own verse, which mirrors the themes of the original lyrics: “”I know you’re not my enemy / In my world, there’s moments seeing through the different lies / It’s all of diminishing / But come on, you know that I’mma try to make it right.”

Willow says of the remix, “I am so grateful for this song because it was created during such an introspective time during quarantine. The solitude allowed me to introspect and really let go of the insecurities I had about making a project in this genre. I am humbled and grateful that Kid Cudi is now able to bring his magic to this remix.”

She previously told Rolling Stone the song was inspired by a quote from Hindu guru Radhanath Swami: “It is said that a saintly person is so pure that he or she acts like a spotless mirror. When we come in the presence of such a mirror-like soul, we can see both the beauty and ugliness of our inner life.” She added, “I read that quote, and it really spoke to me, and that’s kind of how the idea of this song came to be.”

Listen to the “Transparent Soul” remix above.