Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner Forgives Herself For Being Fortunate On The Anthemic New Song ‘Lifer’

03.27.18 10 months ago

Wye Oak has a new album, The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs, on the way on April 6, and ahead of that, they’ve shared a couple tantalizing sneak peeks at the record: The title track and “It Was Not Natural,” namely. Now the duo has added another to that list, since they released a new advance track today, called “Lifer.”

In a lengthy essay that the band’s Jenn Wasner penned on the way home from SXSW, she writes about her journey up to this point and the song’s origins, which she said lie in a conversation with a friend:

“I wrote this song after a long conversation with a friend — someone who loves me and wants to see me succeed, and let go of this burden of guilt that I’ve been dragging around for my whole life. While I wrote it, I was thinking about the people in my life who have had to struggle much harder than I do, or likely ever will — just to stay alive. For a moment, I saw everything differently than I ever had before — I was able to accept and be grateful for the gifts I had been given. I was able to forgive myself for having so much more than so many others. And I made a deal in my mind with those others: If you can keep trying to choose life, and find joy, in the face of all of these obstacles, well, then, so can I. This song contains that promise.”

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