YBN Nahmir Hits The Racetrack With G-Eazy And Offset For His Polished ‘2 Seater’ Video

YBN Nahmir‘s rise to fame in 2018 can be credited to a pair of successful singles, “Rubbin Off The Paint” and “Bounce Out With That.” He stayed fairly quiet last year, but this week he kicked off what could be a productive rest of this one with his new single, “2 Seater,” featuring G-Eazy and Offset.

Days after sharing the song with fans, Nahmir doubled back to deliver a new video to fans, in which he’s joined by G-Eazy and Offset. Leading the way, G-Eazy posts up in a garage alongside a pair of flashy cars for his verse before moving out to the track to join Nahmir and Offset. Offset eventually heads to his own room for his own verse. As for Nahmir, he circles the track in a Saleen S7 for his verse, a car he once rapped about wanting to drive.

“I love coupes and I feel like my boys do too,” Nahmir said about the video, according to Complex. “I’ve always dreamed of driving a Saleen S7, and I was able to drive it last year. I’m actually working on a Mazda RX-7 FD right now.”

In addition to the new video, Nahmir also appeared on Blueface’s debut album, Find The Beat.

Watch the video for “2 Seater” above.