Yeat And Young Thug Can’t Help But Flash Their Jewelry On Their New Single, ‘My Wrist’

Yeat has shared a glitzy new collaboration with Young Thug. On their flashy, lo-fi hip-hop track, Yeat and Thug show off their riches, putting their opulence on display by way of watches and flashy jewelry.

While Yeat is more reserved and tends to keep to himself, his chemistry with Thug on the braggadocious track is undeniable. On the song’s chorus, the pair invite spectators to “look at my wrist,” which is presumably studded in luxury.

“Pockets on lettuce and radish and blue cheese, no ranch / You want the Patek? You gotta run it up / Hand me my bag, she wanna hold the Hannah Montana / Only no tag, they wonder where Miley’s at,” raps Thug on one of the song’s verses.

In an interview with Complex, Yeat revealed that Thug, along with Future, is one of his favorite rappers of all time. While the two maintain good energy on this collaboration, Yeat noted that he doesn’t care too much to collaborate with other artists.

“I’m not really big on features,” he said. “I kind of like people just hearing me. I don’t really need other people on my music. Maybe a couple features, but I don’t like having 20 features on an album. That sh*t’s kind of weird.

You can listen to “My Wrist” above.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. .