YG And Mozzy Form A California Connection In Their ‘Bompton To Oak Park’ Video

Two of California’s most prolific gangsta rap purveyors connect in the video for “Bompton To Oak Park,” as Sacramento’s Mozzy invites Compton’s YG up north for a good, old-fashion gangsta party. Throughout the video, the two rappers proudly rock their colors and throw their respective signs, while rhyming about the virtues and vices of street life in the Golden State.

As yet, “Bompton To Oak Park” doesn’t have an official full-length release attached, but the video for the track has been hotly anticipated among locals since they were glimpsed shooting scenes for it in Mozzy’s hometown. The song marks their eighth collaboration, the most recent ones landing on the two rappers’ respective 2018 releases. First, Mozzy appeared on YG’s Stay Dangerous track “Too Brazy,” then, YG returned the favor on “Thugz Mansion” from Mozzy’s Gangland Landlord.

The two rappers have been busy individually since then, with Mozzy dropping three albums: 2019’s Internal Affairs, and two albums in 2020, Beyond Bulletproof and Occupational Hazard. Mozzy promoted the latter with the single “Death Is Callin.”

Meanwhile, YG completed the terms of his deal with 2019’s 4Real 4Real and 2020’s My Life 4Hunnid, launching his 4Hunnid Records venture with Epic Records and releasing the first compilation, Gang Affiliated, in March this year.

Watch YG and Mozzy’s ‘Bompton To Oak Park’ video above.