YNW Melly And Juice WRLD’s Apocalyptic ‘Suicidal (Remix)’ Video Goes From Tortured To Surreal

Against all odds, the video for YNW Melly’s Juice WRLD-featuring remix of “Suicidal” has arrived. Obviously, neither artist can appear in the video at present, so instead it follows a series of vignettes featuring people in various states of distress. One character binge-drinks alone in his room, while another stands on the edge of rooftop, while yet another character seemingly falls asleep at the wheel. However, the video takes a turn for the surreal at the midway point: Objects and people begin to levitate while an apocalyptic meteor shower darkens the skies.

Meanwhile, the chilling final shot of the video makes reference to the reason why the song’s principal artists were unavailable to appear in it. A camera creeps along a prison hallway, zeroing in on one cell door in particular, where an ominous shadow moves across the light shining on the floor from under the door before a smash cut to a black screen reading “RIP Juice WRLD.” It’s a not-so-subtle reference to the fact that YNW Mellly is currently locked up awaiting trial for murder, while Juice WRLD recently died of an overdose.

The original version of “Suicidal” appears on Melly’s 2019 album, Melly Vs. Melvin.

Watch the “Suicidal (Remix)” video above.

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