Young Thug Is Now Being Accused By Prosecutors Of Doing A ‘Hand-To-Hand’ Drug Deal During His Trial

During Young Thug’s court trial, a new thread by reporter Michael Seiden details how his coworker, Mark Winne, obtained footage from when the prosecutors accuse Thug and co-defendant Kahlieff Adams of doing a “hand-to-hand” drug deal.

According to prosecutors, the surveillance shows Adams drop an alleged Percocet in Young Thug’s hands. The rapper was eventually confronted by the deputy and turned the pill over.

While the video cuts off as Young Thug sits back down in the courtoom, the co-defendant Kahlieff Adams allegedly ingested “other items of contraband,” according to Seiden. Because of this, he was taken to Grady Hospital. The prosecutors have since filed to “make a finding of fact that Court was delayed on January 18, 2023 because of the actions of Defendant Williams and Defendant Adams.”

Young Thug’s (born Jeffery Lamar Williams) attorney, Keith Adams, shared more insight into what went down. “Mr. Williams had nothing to do with what went on in the courtroom yesterday,” Keith Adams shared. “One of the co-defendants, on his way to the restroom, attempted to pass something to Mr. Williams, who immediately turned it over to the deputy.”

The reporter in the video then asks if he knew it was allegedly Percocet.

“He did not know,” Adams adds. “We don’t know what it is. He did not know what it was, turned it over to the deputy right away. The deputies took action. The individual who had the contraband, not Mr. Williams, was taken into the back, where I’m told he ingested whatever he had.”

While the court is still in the jury selection process, Young Thug has been charged “with conspiracy to violate Georgia’s RICO Act and participating in a criminal street gang,” according to NPR.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. .