The Lyrics To Young Thug’s ‘Slime Sh*t’ Were Read In Court During Jury Selection

The trial for Young Thug and his Young Stoner Life crew’s RICO charges is officially underway. This past week, jury selection began for the court hearings.

According to a report from WSB TV, jurors saw and heard Judge Ural Glanville read lyrics from some of Young Thug and YSL’s songs during the first parts of jury selection this past Wednesday. Glanville particularly homed in on the anti-cop lyrics of one Thug’s songs, “Slime Sh*t.”

Glanville read the lyrics, “Hey, this that slime sh*t, hey/ Y L sh*t, hey/ Killin’ 12 sh*t, hey/ F*ck a jail sh*t, hey/ … Cookin’ white brick, hey, hey/ […] I’m not new to this, hey, I’m so true to this, hey I done put a whole slime on a hunnid licks.”

Later on, he read the lyrics from the verses of some of the other YSL affiliates, including Yak Gotti. On Gotti’s verse, he raps, “Slime or get slimed / In the VIP and I got that pistol on my hip/ You prayin’ that you live / I’m prayin’ that I hit / Hey, this that slime shit…F*ck, f*ck the police / in a high speed.”

Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 other YSL associates were arrested in May 2022 and were charged with eight counts of violating the RICO Act. Gunna and a few others have taken plea deals, but Thug and the rest of the YSL affiliates have been in custody since. The trial is expected to begin on Monday, January 9.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. .