Ariana Grande And Demi Lovato Come Face-To-Face With The Devil On ‘Met Him Last Night’

Today brings the release of Demi Lovato’s ultra-personal new album Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over, and Lovato recruited a handful of collaborators to help tell her story. One of those is friend Ariana Grande, who co-wrote and sings alongside Lovato on album cut “Met Him Last Night.”

Lovato spoke about the track on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up today, saying:

“I’d actually played her my album, or what had been done of it, in 2019. And one of those songs was “Dancing With The Devil,” so she knew about the story behind it and everything and she’s a close friend of mine, so she knew my story pretty well. So when she started writing this song, she actually thought about me and she wrote the song with me in mind, and then she played it for me. I was like, ‘I love it. You should just stay on the track.’ And she was like, ‘No no, I’ll be like mystery harmony lady.’ I was like, ‘I feel like the world would love to hear us together, we should do that.’ And she was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And I was like, ‘Yes!’ So she added her vocals and she’s so talented, so, so great, and I’m so grateful to have a friend like her.”

Listen to “Met Him Last Night” above.

Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over is out now via Island. Get it here.