Ariana Grande Has Released Her New Live Album, ‘K Bye For Now (SWT Live)’

In recent days, Ariana Grande has been teasing a live album, and she’s been pretty transparent about the process of putting it together and releasing it. Now, a couple months after she first mentioned the live album, she has released it, as K Bye For Now (SWT Live) is out now. The 32-track album runs for about 90 minutes, and it features appearances from Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and Childish Gambino.

Before releasing the album, Grande called it “a little something to thank u for everything and to make saying goodbye to this chapter a lil easier.”

She offered an update about the record earlier this month, writing on Twitter, “love u hello ! been prepping these vocals for the live album / listening to first pass mixes & am so excited. vocal producing everything myself, johnny’s been producing all the band parts !” She also suggested her 2020 won’t be as busy as her 2019, writing, “i’m just going to be chilling a lot more next year that’s all.”

As Grande previously noted, the performances on the album are from the first leg of Grande’s North American tour and her European tour. This means that, despite how seasonally appropriate it would be, the album does not feature any of Grande’s recent performances of songs from her Christmas & Chill EP.

Listen to K Bye For Now (SWT Live) below.

K Bye For Now (SWT Live) is out now via Republic Records. Get it here.