Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, And Lana Del Rey Finally Share Their New Collaboration, ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’

Pop collaborations aren’t exactly uncommon, but what is more rare is ones of this magnitude: In June, it was revealed that Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey had made a new song together. Rumors has been swirling before the news, but the trio confirmed the news when they all shared the same teaser clip for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie. Sure enough, the trailer for the movie featured some snippets of the song.

It felt like perhaps the track would be shared not long after the trailer reveal, but instead, it took nearly three months for “Don’t Call Me Angel” to arrive. Still, the track is here now, along with a video. Despite their insistence that they not be called “Angel,” the three seem to have traits that overlap with the titular Charlie’s Angels characters, in that they’re skilled in combat and espionage (not to mention the literal angel wings on their backs).

Grande also revealed that she will serve as an executive producer on the film’s soundtrack, writing on Instagram, “co executive producing this soundtrack with @awsuki @ilya_music & #mxm has been the coolest f*cking thing in the world. beyond grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait for everyone to hear the music and see this phenomenal film. november.”

Listen to “Don’t Call Me Angel” above, and watch the Charlie’s Angels trailer below.