Ava Max Finds Power In Vulnerability With Her Electrifying ‘Everytime I Cry’ Single

Global pop star Ava Max dropped her highly anticipated debut album Heaven & Hell in 2020 after making a name for herself with a handful of empowering singles. Now following up on her success, Ava Max returns to make sense of her emotions with the electrifying single “Everytime I Cry.”

The new track opens with resonating synths, building up momentum until a groovy beat drops. The song is about finding power in tears and realizing that being in touch with your emotions is healthy. “After every struggle you go through you become a little bit stronger,” Max says of the song. “And every tear you shed is not wasted, but becomes your river of hope.”

While fans were hoping the new track marks the beginning of a new era, Max clarified that they’ll still have to wait a bit until her next full-length project. “This is not the next era quite yet…,” she wrote on Twitter. “it’s a continuation of heaven and hell.”

Max has good reason to stick with her Heaven & Hell era for the time being. The project cemented her stardom, arriving after two of her songs had gone No. 1 in several countries. Her album’s track “Kings & Queens” impressively boasts over one billion streams, making her the one of the most-streamed female artists in the world.

Listen to “Everytime I Cry” above.

Ava Max is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.