All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

With the large variety of music being released during quarantine, it can be hard to comb through it all. Thankfully, Uproxx is here to provide a list of this week’s best new pop music. This week, in particular, boasted a handful of big-name mash-ups. Halsey linked with electronic producer Marshmello, Summer Walker tapped Khalid for a slow-burning remix, and Nicki Minaj breathed new life into Doja Cat’s most recent hit.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop music. Listen up.

Marshmello — “Be Kind” Feat. Halsey

A Marshmello and Halsey collab is tailor-made for inclusion among the best new pop music. After releasing her album Manic earlier this year, Halsey teamed up with electronic DJ Marshmello to spread positivity through the cheery track “Be Kind.” In a statement, the Marshmello praised Halsey for her work on the single. “As soon as we finished the song, I was instantly obsessed!” Marshmello said. “Halsey and I connected and were both on the same page with what we wanted the final outcome to be! And it turned out great.”

Doja Cat — “Say So (Remix)” Feat. Nicki Minaj

After “Say So” garnered viral fame through TikTok, Doja Cat decided to coax Nicki Minaj out of retirement for a remix. The rapper added her own spin on the groovy track by mixing the instrumentals to more appropriately accompany her hard-hitting verses, which she recently had to clarify were not throwing shade at Wendy Williams.

Summer Walker — “Eleven (Remix)” Feat. Khalid

Khalid released his sophomore album Free Spirit just over a year ago. The singer returned at the beginning of the new year with his first solo single since the record, “Eleven.” Khalid enlisted the help of Summer Walker for a smooth remix of his track. Over a lulling, down-tempo beat, Walker’s soaring vocals narrate her enamor with a blossoming relationship.

Kehlani — “F&MU”

This week, Kehlani announced her highly-anticipated sophomore album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t arrives soon. Kehlani trailed her album announcement with the steamy single “F&MU.” An acronym for “F*ck And Make Up,” the bumping single features Kehlani’s enchanting vocals divulging details about a flirtatious romance.

MAX — “Missed Calls” Feat. Hayley Kiyoko

Earlier this year, Hayley Kiyoko announced she would be canceling her North American tour in order to focus her time on her sophomore album. While she hasn’t released any new solo music since the announcement, Kiyoko now returns with “Missed Calls,” a collaboration with MAX. The buoyant tune is a sugary-sweet pop anthem about recovering after a particularly difficult breakup.

Haim — “I Know Alone”

The latest single off their upcoming effort Women In Music Pt. III, “I Know Alone” is a reflection on isolation. In a statement, lead vocalist Danielle Haim said she had written the lyrics pre-pandemic, but the song has since taken on a completely new meaning: “Now with everything going on ‘alone’ feels like a ritual. only I know my own little secret routine on these days of being by myself and I almost take comfort in it. It’s my own way of staying sane in my alone-ness and it’s really helping me get through this.”

Dixie Chicks — “Julianna Calm Down”

Dixie Chicks recently announced a monumental return to music with their upcoming album’s eponymous single “Gaslighter.” While the record has been shelved due to the pandemic, Dixie Chicks continue to preview the record with the emotive single “Julianna Calm Down.” Produced by Jack Antonoff, the single is an empowering message of self-respect for women everywhere.

JoJo — “Comeback” Feat. Tory Lanez, 30 Roc

JoJo released her comeback record Good To Know Friday. With it came the enchanting and carnal track “Comeback.” In her own words, JoJo said the ladder part of her album is about accepting herself and her journey: “Toward the end, I knock on the door of self-love. Accepting where I’ve been and meeting myself where I’m at.”

Quinn XCII — “Coffee” Feat. Marc E. Bassy

While his sophomore record was released just over a year ago, Quinn XCII is gearing up for his next release. The singer shared the lovelorn track “Coffee” from his upcoming album, A Letter To My Younger Self. The effervescent tune features snappy instrumentals under the singer’s captivating lyrical delivery.

Faouzia — “Secrets”

Hot on the heels of a release with Kelly Clarkson, Faouzia returns with the triumphant number “Secrets. In a statement, Faouzia described her inspiration behind the track: “I was contemplating the emotional strain that comes when someone you care about isn’t able to be honest with you. Whether it’s about how they’re feeling, what they’re going through, or maybe something heavier. This song is about letting them know that they can come to you in times of need, no judgment, only support; and no matter what they tell you, you will always be there for them.”

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