It Seems Billie Eilish Has Been Hiding Her New Blonde Hair For Weeks With A Green Wig

Prior to Billie Eilish’s internet-breaking blonde hair reveal yesterday, there had been theories floating around that Eilish was wearing a green wig to hide her new hair color. Fans pointed to the fact that Eilish has been wearing a lot of headbands, hats, and other hairline-obscuring things in recent appearances, like on The Late Show in February and at the Grammys last weekend. Eilish even said directly back in December that she would be changing her hair soon.

Now it seems Eilish has confirmed the wig rumors in a new TikTok video, in which she lifts a green wig off her head and laughs.

Eilish’s hairstylist Lissa Renn also talked about Eilish’s hair in some new Instagram posts. She wrote in one, “So proud & honored! Billie has been a client of ours 6+ years now, so fun to watch her grow and evolve as an artist and woman. I am incredibly grateful for her trust in me to create her new style & the beginning of a new era!” She added in another now-deleted post that Eilish’s new look has been in the works for weeks, writing, “The process is real when you’re doing it right. 6 weeks to get all the black out of her ends without damaging it, along with her following my strict haircare regime. We actually loved all the stages of lifting the color too but the end result is [fire emojis].”

Eilish’s new hair has certainly made quite the impression. It took just six minutes for her photo of it to reach a million likes on Instagram. As of this post, Eilish’s post has about 17.3 million likes. That makes it the sixth most-liked Instagram post of all time, which is beyond impressive considering it’s been less than 24 hours since Eilish shared the photo.