Billie Eilish Has Switched Her Hair Color Up Once Again, Going For A Bold Red Look This Time

If there’s one thing you can count on from Billie Eilish, it’s for the pop star to switch things up. She routinely tries different things with her hair, and now, her scalp is one again in a new aesthetic era. The fresh look is similar to her green-and-black-hair era, but this time, she has a vibrant splash of red radiating out from the crown of her head atop a sea of black. She debuted the look with a photo on Instagram captioned, “remember me?”

The new look was perfectly fitting, and likely specifically implemented for, her performance at Lollapalooza yesterday (August 3): The festival is hosted in Chicago, so Eilish wore a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey that perfectly matched her black and red hair. There’s another connection here, too, as Eilish has long collaborated with Nike on her own Jordan sneakers, like the patchworked Air Force 1’s in a “Triple White” color she debuted earlier this year.

This actually wasn’t Eilish’s first time with red hair. She previously revealed that in November 2021, between her blonde and black hair eras, she went red for a week, although that look was never seen publicly.

Billie’s Lolla performance is also notable because she gave her Barbie movie song “What Was I Made For?” its live debut.