Britney Spears Posted Actual Footage Of The Moment She Broke Her Foot Dancing

When you’re a pop star, there’s bound to be highs and lows — especially if you’re Britney Spears. There’s a reason that Brit’s survival of 2007, her infamously tough year, has become a memed slogan encouraging her fans to get through their own tough spots. Well, she’s in a bit of another jam as of about a week ago, when her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, posted a hospital selfie with Brit on Instagram.

“When you break something it tends to heal stronger specially when you’re my Girl👌🏽,” he wrote in the caption. “My lioness broke her metatarsal bone on her foot doing what she loves which is dancing 💃 Wishing her the best recovery so she can jump, run, and dance her butt off 💪🏽 #stronger.”

That’s very sweet, Sam, but the metatarsal bones are pretty important for dancers! To give a sense of just how brutal that kind of break is, Britney actually posted the video of breaking her foot to her own Instagram today. Don’t worry, there’s no crazy gross moment of gore, but the exceedingly loud pop lets you know that this wasn’t a small side bone or just a strain — she really snapped it. Hopefully she will be back to dancing soon, but here’s a shot of the last she’ll be doing that, at least for now: