Britney Spears’ Lawyer Demands Her Father’s Removal From Conservatorship After Allegations That He Bugged Her Home

The fight for Britney Spears’ autonomy from what seems to be an incredibly controlling, potentially illegal conservatorship continues on. Though it was fans who initially prompted the #FreeBritney movement to investigate her situation, a documentary from The New York Times called Framing Britney Spears catapulted the singer’s abusive situation out of conspiracy territory and into mainstream recognition. Legal shifts in the case over the last few months have led many to believe the conservatorships should be abolished, particularly when Britney publicly addressed the court herself asking for this, but so far the process has been moving slowly.

Last week, a follow-up documentary from The New York Times might’ve potentially helped speed up the process. One of the bombshells included in the second doc, Controlling Britney Spears is that Britney’s father and conservator Jamie Spears was secretly recording the singer in her home as part of his extensive surveillance and monitoring. California’s two party consent rule for recording makes this illegal, Since this news broke, Britney’s new lawyer Mathew Rosengart has filed a motion requesting Jamie be immediately suspended from the conservatorship as soon as the next hearing, September 29, and that the conservatorship itself be terminated promptly.

In a statement obtained by Variety Rosengart said that her private communciations are a “sacrosanct” part of the legal system and invading this is a “disgraceful violation. “Unauthorized recording or monitoring of Britney’s private communications — especially attorney-client communications, which are a sacrosanct part of the legal system — represent an unconscionable and disgraceful violation of her privacy rights and a striking example of the deprivation of her civil liberties,” he said. “Placing a listening device in Britney’s bedroom would be particularly horrifying, and corroborates so much of her compelling, poignant testimony. Mr. Spears has crossed unfathomable lines. Ms. Spears will no longer be bullied or extorted, nor will she further tolerate her father’s abuse, with its apparent misogynistic underpinnings.”

There will definitely be updates one way or another after her next hearing this Wednesday, September 29.