BTS Said They Are Huge John Cena Fans And Can’t Wait To Meet Him

BTS are quickly becoming one of the biggest and most beloved pop acts in the world. The Korean pop group announced a 2020 tour at the top of the year that guarantees to put them on the map in an even bigger way, and frankly, there are very few people who have more sway in pop culture than these seven boys. Which is why their fandom is a huge deal, even for someone who is larger than life like John Cena.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon tonight, that inexplicably takes place on an empty subway car, the band revealed that they are dying to meet John Cena, who apparently is already a huge fan of them. “Is there any audience that you want to grab that you haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet yet?” Fallon asked the crew — and the response was immediate: “John. Cena.”

“John Cena?” asks Fallon surprised. “We want to see him,” one of the BTS members immediately jumps in. “He’s a big fan of us, and we’re a big fan of him, mutually.” “Really?” asks Fallon, still surprised. “Yeah of course!” the boys continue, a little shocked Jimmy doesn’t seem to feel the same way. “We were always watching WWE when we were like thirteen, fifteen,” another member says, before they all devolve into singing familiar melodies.

“All right, I’m gonna get you hooked up with John Cena,” Fallon promises. “I’m gonna make sure it happens.”

We’ll be waiting, Jimmy!