BTS’ Jungkook Apparently Fell Asleep During A Weverse Live Broadcast And Millions Of Fans Actually Watched For A Long Time

ARMY was treated to “Take Two,” the monumental K-pop group’s single to commemorate their 10-year anniversary, and rumors are swirling that Jungkook is preparing to release a solo album. Even so, it appears Jungkook is using BTS’ hiatus for some much-needed rest.

According to various outlets and fan accounts on Twitter, Jungkook fell asleep during his recent Weverse live session.

The BTS Live YouTube account, which exists solely to capture each member’s activity on Weverse Live, posted a 45-minute video of Jungkook with captions translated to English. To start, he told viewers he’s “tired” and wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t because he kept thinking of ARMY.

After giving a demonstration of his pillow and how he usually sleeps on it, Jungkook reiterated he couldn’t sleep “when I think of ARMY” despite his level of exhaustion. Jungkook intermittently yawned and relayed, “There are times when I snore and times I don’t snore, but I think I will snore today.” Again, Jungkook told viewers he’d missed them.

“If I sleep like this? Then, the company will go crazy again,” he said, presumably referring to Big Hit Music. He added, “Since it’s morning, the company will be careless. That’s when I go for it.”

He rambled like this for a while before finally beginning to drift off around the 15-minute mark. There are differing reports as to how many people continued watching the live as Jungkook slept — most agree it was over six million, like Sportskeeda — but either way, it was a lot.

Just after the 24-minute mark, Jungkook relayed that he “had a dreamlike thought about how you guys can’t get hurt. We must be careful all the time. We can’t get hurt.” Then, he seemingly was out like a light this time.

Watch the full 45-minute video below.