Charli XCX, Addison Rae, And A.G. Cook’s ‘Von Dutch’ Remix Is A Sweat-Inducing Fuzzy Pop Frenzy Riddled In Nostalgia

Charli XCX has been an “it” pop girlie for a while now and has the classic hits to back it up. But ever so often, she needs to remind those trolls and overall nasty people who diminish her accomplishments. On her forthcoming album, Brat, she’s aiming to do just that. The track “Von Dutch” is all about that.

But she wasn’t done dragging the jealous folks. So she’s back with Addison Rae and frequent producing partner A.G. Cook with a sweat-inducing remix to continue the conversation. The remix (officially titled “The von dutch remix with addison rae and a.g. cook”) is a fuzz frenzy of Charli’s best electronic and pop sensibilities riddled with nostalgic references.

The duo valley subtle jabs at their hates on the track’s opening verse. “I’m just living that life / Von Dutch, cult classic, but I still pop / Every time my track drops, you’re jealous / I’m just living that life,” sings Charli as Addison layers on, “While you’re sittin’ in your dad’s basement / Bet you’re disappointed that I’m shinin’ / I’m just living that life.”

Brat is sure to follow this confident thread of sass.

Listen to the “Von Dutch” remix above.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. .