Christina Aguilera Reflected On The ‘Double Standards’ She Faced On Justin Timberlake’s 2003 Tour

Christina Aguilera revealed quite a lot during her appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast. One subject she touched on was the experiences she had with double standards while on Justin Timberlake’s 2003 Justified & Stripped Tour.

“There was a lot of double standards with it,” the iconic singer said. “Because I went on tour with Justin, we did the Stripped [&] Justified Tour and there were things where I was just like, ‘Why is it okay for him and not okay for me, you know what I mean?'”

She added, “It’s just like I was constantly pushing back in my way. I mean, it was so inappropriate sometimes, the things that were asked about that era.”

She continued that at the time, there was “a different business where there was a lot of female comparisons and double standards with women.”

“It just felt like just punches in the face,” she said. “It was hard to just constantly feel like you’re making music and doing something you love and then someone spinning something so negative about it.”

“It was really hard,” she explained, “because sometimes who you were pitted against, you actually genuinely, you know, loved and respected.”

Watch the interview above.