Coldplay Announce A New Album, ‘Music Of The Spheres,’ And Tease A New Single, ‘Coloratura’

Coldplay have announced that their ninth studio album, Music Of The Spheres, is due for arrival in October. Posting a handwritten note to social media, the band said that their forthcoming follow-up to 2019’s Everyday Life was produced by pop superproducer Max Martin and that a single, “Coloratura,” would drop in full on Friday, July 23. Also, another single will drop sometime in September, according to the note, which looks like it was written in Y2K-era milky pens.

Chris Martin and company also shared a new teaser trailer for around the new album. The clip, titled “Overtura,” is overtly space-themed, depicting a swirling, cosmic trip around a bustling solar system. Meanwhile, song snippets play in the background as the camera circles around each planet. (Visually speaking, “Overtura” contains definite Windows screensaver vibes, but I mean that in a good way.)

Back in May, Coldplay released “Higher Power,” also Max Martin-produced. At the time, they circled around the subject of a new album, saying, “there won’t not be one.”

Martin also spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe around that time, touching on his interest in musical experimentation: “I think that every artist is completely intertwined with what’s happening culturally and what’s happening technologically around them, you know? So when the delay pedal came through, whoever invented that, then you had all these amazing delay pedal records. So we’ve existed in the band concurrently with the barriers between types of music coming down… which for us is the biggest blessing in the world. When we started, it was like, ‘You’re a white indie band and this is urban radio and this is alternative radio,’ and basically old-fashioned racist statements. Of course, we fit in a box at the beginning, and then right now in 2021, everyone’s doing everything. You can like Olivia Rodrigo as much as you like AC/DC and no one thinks that’s weird, and that’s musical utopia for me. […] It’s miraculous. So why would you want to stay in one box?”

Music Of The Spheres is out 10/15 via Atlantic. Pre-order it here.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .