Dorian Electra’s Eye-Catching ‘My Agenda’ Video Features Furries, Rainbow Missiles, And Frog Propaganda

Dorian Electra was just confirmed to headline Noise Pop’s 2022 lineup, but that’s not all the hyperpop singer has in the works. This week, they’re releasing a deluxe edition of their 2020 album My Agenda, which features 12 new remixes. To celebrate, Electra shared an eye-catching video to their album’s title track, which, true to the boundary-pushing artist’s brand, is an eclectic mix of internet memes and subculture references.

Like any good hyperpop video, Electra’s “My Agenda” video kicks off with a strobe light warning, which also lets viewers know they are in for a wild ride. In the visual, Electra acts as a dystopian city’s commander, urging citizens to “drink the water” to stay subjugated. But an alternate version of Electra, decked out in pride flags and backed by an army of furries, comes to the rescue.

In a 2020 interview with Uproxx ahead of their album’s release, Electra spoke about their influences on the track “My Agenda” and how it was meant to flip the script on the idea of the “gay agenda”:

“With the track ‘My Agenda,’ before we even considered having those people on it, it was always this military-sounding song. I always imagined it as a military boy band vibes. I thought it was kind of like ‘NSYNC with the orchestra hits and the lyrics. We have actual marching sounds in the song and it’s a parody of how the conservatives can sometimes portray the ‘gay agenda’ like it’s a gay militia or something. I run with that in a self-aware, sort of self-mocking but also critical way. Yes, we are the ‘gay agenda.'”

Watch Electra’s “My Agenda” video above.

My Agenda (Deluxe) is out 11/5 via Dorian Electra. Pre-order it here.