People Couldn’t Look Away From Gavin Degraw’s Strange Rendition Of The National Anthem

Gavin Degraw has not had good luck, in general, when it comes to singing the National Anthem. Last year, when he sang the patriotic tune before a Stanley Cup playoff game, he infamously slipped and fell on the ice. Well, at least he didn’t come to any physical harm while singing the anthem before the boxing match between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury II tonight. But, some of his sonic choices are getting a little negative feedback on Twitter, causing the singer to trend, and give everyone who loved his early stuff pause, worrying whether he was ok or not.

While unique renditions of the anthem are becoming quite prolific at this point — a few commenters brought up Fergie’s insanely offbeat jazzy version of the song before the NBA All-Star game in 2018 — Degraw’s issues mainly stemmed with shying away from high notes or flubbing time signatures. Still, there were plenty of people who appreciated Gavin’s rendition, and even more who brought up just how much they loved some of his early 2000s breakouts, including “I Don’t Wanna Be,” and “Chariot.” (Both are confirmed bangers, as is his entire 2003 album, Chariot.) Most of all, people were relieved he’s ok.

A small sampling of reactions:

Given all the nostalgia tours that are going around lately, maybe this will be what spurs a Degraw comeback? Stranger things have happened in the year 2020, even two months in. Watch his performance above and decide for yourself whether it was great, bad, ugly or simply unexpected. Meanwhile, Tyson Fury won the fight with a TKO.