Grimes Is Literally Selling Her Soul In An Online Art Exhibition

Grimes is known for her unconventional approaches. Whether it’s giving her child with Elon Musk a series of letters and symbols as a name or admitting to only eating spaghetti for a full two years, Grimes pushes boundaries both in her music and her personal life. Now, Grimes is taking things one step further and actually selling her soul in an upcoming online art exhibition.

This week, Grimes plans to make her fine arts debut in online exhibitions, according to Bloomberg. Titled Selling Out, the singer is posting her drawings, prints, photographs, and conceptual pieces for sale, including a piece of her soul. Some artwork, like her prints, can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars. But other pieces more abstract, like a legal document that grants the purchaser a percentage of the singer’s soul.

When Grimes originally conceived selling a piece of her soul as art, she originally priced it at $10 million because she “didn’t want anyone to buy it.” But as the pandemic worsened, Grimes was eventually against placing a hefty pricepoint on the piece. “With the current state of the world, do you want to put something up for $10 million?” she said. Eventually, Grimes decided her soul would be up for “best offer.”

In an interview with Bloomberg about the exhibition, Grimes said she sees her music second to her visual art. “I see myself as a visual artist first and foremost and I’ve always felt strange that people know me for music.” Much of her inspiration comes from her fascination with the world of video games. “I feel annoyed when people approach digital art or video games with disdain,” she said. “Some of the most arresting, emotional, jarring artistic experiences I’ve had in the last few years have been in video games.”

Grimes exhibition will be presented jointly by two LA galleries. Selling Out premieres with Gallery Platform Los Angeles May 28th through June 3 and continues with Maccarone Los Angeles through August 31.