Haim Make A Guns N’ Roses-Inspired Turn On Their Rocking ‘The Croods’ Song ‘Feel The Thunder’

Haim aren’t usually purveyors of intense guitar-driven rock, but that’s just what they’ve made for the new animated film The Croods: A New Age. Their contribution to the soundtrack, “Feel The Thunder,” is the theme song for the movie’s Thunder Sisters characters, and it was inspired by Guns N’ Roses.

The band recorded and co-wrote the song with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, who Danielle Haim told Rolling Stone is “the biggest Guns N’ Roses fan,” saying, “He’s obsessed with them — he went and saw them on their most recent tour a bunch of times. And so I figured that that’s what we were looking for. We were like, ‘Let’s get Ariel.’ But I’d never tried to make music like that before, so it was fully like a crazy experiment.”

Danielle also said of the track, “We grew up listening to rock music, pop, a healthy smattering of a ton of different kinds of music. I don’t know how often you really hear rock music in a kid’s film anymore, or rock music in general anymore.”

The band also worked on the track with Croods composer and Devo leader Mark Mothersaugh, who spoke highly of the group: “I thought it was cool how these young women are in this cool part of their trajectory right now. I look at them and think about what a great time Devo had when we were where they are right now. They’re very talented ladies who are very fun to work with.”

This song isn’t terribly unlike another track the group made for an animated film this year, as their Trolls: World Tour cut “Rock N Roll Rules” is also an uncharacteristically rocking tune for them.

Listen to “Feel The Thunder” above.