Watch Harry Styles Debut New Songs ‘Boyfriends’ And ‘Late Night Talking’ At Coachella 2022

Well, that was quick. After kicking off his set with a performance of the lead single off his upcoming album, Harry Styles went straight to new material. Yes, fans were thrilled to hear “As It Was,” and get a sense of the defining sound for Harry’s House, and hearing it live to kick off the first headliner of the festival just confirmed what we already knew: A brand new chapter is coming for Harry Styles. But then, almost immediately after, Harry launched into a brand new song, and another one that’s, presumably, off his new record.

“To boyfriends everywhere: f*ck you,” he reportedly said, before launching into the tune. Is it pandering, or does he really hate boyfriends? Lord knows, plenty of his fans are going to relate to this, whether thinking of exes or failures of current partners. Check out some snippets of that song above, and then get ready for more new music — later in the set, after an appearance of none other than Shania Twain to do “Man, I Feel Like A Woman,” Harry had more new music up his sleeve. He also debuted the track “Late Night Talking,” and fans caught some snippets. Check those out below