Here’s How To Dress Like Taylor Swift For Halloween

Jack Black stripped down to his underwear and performed Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” at his The Give Back-ular Spectacular event in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, October 25, but only one person can pull that off, and his name is Jack Black. What are other Swifties supposed to do for Halloween?

Well, luckily, there’s a 399-pound pumpkin, Swift’s budding romance with Travis Kelce, the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) re-recorded album release, and 17 years’ worth of eras to pull costume inspiration from ahead of next Tuesday, October 31. Below is a starter kit for how to dress like Taylor Swift for Halloween.


I firmly believe all 7.8 billion people on Earth have, at least, an adjacent knowledge of Taylor Swift’s new relationship with Travis Kelce, an All-Pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Swift has attended four of the two-time Super Bowl champion’s games since September 24, winning over his parents and providing the NFL with endless marketing material.

A popular nickname for the power couple is “Tayvis” — the X (formerly known as Twitter) account @tayvisnation is dedicated to it — and “Tayvis” costumes are already aplenty. Perhaps the most viral so far came from KidSuper, the designer behind the “1989 Bedroom Painting Denim” outfit Kelce wore for the Chiefs’ September 24 game against the Bears (also known as the soft launch of Kelce and Swift’s relationship). Kelce commented on KidSuper’s costume post, “[four laugh-crying emojis] you’re the [goat emoji].”

It’s also notable that Halloween 2020 saw Makayla Stephens and her husband, Nick Stephens, foreshadowing the unlikely relationship by dressing up as Swift and Kelce. Stephens’ Instagram post at the time was captioned, “I don’t know any world in which Taylor Swift + Travis Kelce would be in the same room together, but apparently in this one they’re married? #HappyHalloween”

According to TMZ, online Halloween retailer 3 Wishes “completely sold out” its options for Kelce-Swift costumes.

“Supportive Football Girlfriend”

As the person behind the skyrocketing @tayvisnation account put it, Swift is in her “supportive football gf” era. If you don’t want to do a couples costume, you could also throw on some Chiefs merch, red lipstick, red nail polish, and an “87” friendship bracelet, and everybody will get it.

And if you’d rather do a friendship costume than a couples costume, you could swerve left and go as Swift and Brittany Mahomes, wife to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who is quickly approaching Swift BFF territory.

“Taylor SwiftKin”

So, about the aforementioned 399-pound pumpkin: Jeanette Paras painted a gigantic pumpkin to look like Swift at the 2023 Grammys, and the resemblance is spooky accurate.

Paras said it took her 10 hours to paint her “Taylor SwiftKin,” and while nobody should spend 10 hours on a Halloween costume, maybe you’ve been re-inspired by Swift’s Grammys red carpet look from earlier in the year. Or maybe you suddenly want to paint a pumpkin like Taylor Swift and wear it on your head. No judgment.


I mean, take your pick from The Eras Tour. (Or dress up as Pete Davidson dressed up as an Eras Tour attendee.) Swift’s ongoing, unprecedented stadium tour, which spawned the equally unprecedented Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film, condenses Swift’s 17 years of musical dominance into a three-plus-hour set.

During the Red era of the set, Swift revived her “22” outfit. Every night, she’d take off her black hat and gift it to a young Swiftie, including a viral moment with the late Kobe Bryant’s six-year-old daughter, Bianka.

1989 (Taylor’s Version)

This post could easily balloon to 13,000 words — see what I did there? — if I pulled costume ideas from every Swift era or even her expansive The Eras Tour wardrobe. So to preserve my remaining sanity, I’m focusing on what will be her latest release, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), due out on Friday, October 27. There are plenty of 1989 costumes to be had, from Swift’s glittery “Shake It Off” two-piece to her seagull-themed 1989 (Taylor’s Version) cover. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to cover your forearm in friendship bracelets.