Justin Bieber Drops His Defamation Lawsuit Against Two Women Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault

Back in 2020, Justin Bieber was accused of sexual assault by two women for a pair of incidents that occurred nearly ten years ago. The women made their accusations on Twitter, and as a result, Bieber denied the claims, calling them “outlandish false fabrications,” and sued the pair for defamation. Well, that lawsuit has come to an end as Bieber requested for it to be dismissed. The dismissal was filed by his lawyers on March 18 according to court records that Rolling Stone obtained. A reason for the dismissal was not given, but it comes after it appeared like the case would be heading to trial as lawyers for Bieber and one of the accusers failed to reach a settlement.

Bieber was hit with both accusations of sexual assault in June 2020. They were originally made anonymously before the women’s names were revealed to be Khadidja Djibrine and a woman identified only as Danielle. Dijibrine was the lone woman in settlement talks with Bieber as Danielle was never officially located. In their accusations, Danielle accused Bieber of sexually assaulting her at a hotel in Austin in March 2014 following his performance at the SXSW Festival. In response, Bieber’s lawyer said that the singer did not stay at a hotel, but rather, he spent the night at a rental property with Selena Gomez, who was his girlfriend at the time. Bieber went as far as to share the receipt for the stay on Twitter.

Dijibrine shared her sexual accusation against Bieber the same day that Danielle did. In her case, she says that the incident occurred at a hotel in New York City in March 2015. Once again, Bieber’s lawyers noted that he did not stay at that specific hotel and they backed up their alibi with photos of Bieber at the Met Gala and at an after-party during the time of the alleged assault.

Rolling Stone notes that attorneys for Bieber and Dijibrine did not return their requests for comments.