Katy Perry Wins First Place At A Reimagined Dog Show In Her ‘Small Talk’ Video

Katy Perry has been steadily releasing new music lately. The pop singer followed up her recent “Small Talk” single with a music video where she immerses herself in a pastel lifestyle, wins a dog show, and finds puppy love.

The music video, directed by Tanu Muino, places Katy Perry as a committed mother to a miniature poodle in an all-pink mansion outfitted in gaudy midcentury furniture. Perry does everything with her poodle from eating breakfast to working out on her pink treadmill. Perry pampers her beloved poodle with bows and pearl necklaces.

Perry arrives at a “Mutt Ball,” a reimagined version of the Westminster dog show. “Making fetch happen,” the dog show’s slogan reads, a likely reference to the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Perry and her poodle come in first place after receiving the highest score from all the judges. But little does Perry know that she’s about to find puppy love of her own. As the singer is showing off her trophy, a man walks in and kisses her hand. Perry and her man quickly fall in love and move in together to the jealous disappointment of her beloved poodle. But the story has a happy ending. The new man’s dog sets its eyes on the poodle and puppies also fall in love.

“Small Talk” is streaming everywhere via Capitol Records. Watch the music video above.

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