Katy Perry Is Set To Bring Her Campy Vegas Residency To ‘SNL’

Katy Perry has long been known for her sense of absurd humor. Just check out her video for “Not The End Of The World,” which plays on a longstanding running joke about her resemblance to actress Zoey Deschanel (the resemblance was so great that Perry would pretend to be Zoey to get into clubs before she was famous). Meanwhile, her other videos have embraced a cheerful, campy aesthetic that shows Katy doesn’t take herself too seriously — which makes her an excellent candidate for a double role in a sketch or two when she appears on SNL next week.

The official SNL Twitter account revealed her participation — as usual — setting fans speculating on a comeback. While usually, SNL guests use their appearances to promote their new albums and Perry’s most recent album was 2020’s Smile, Katy herself teased that she would “bring my slice of Sin City to the Big Apple (and ur TV),” referring to her current Las Vegas residency, which is inspired by goofy ’90s comedies like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. It sounds like there will be some fun to be had with her performances, but here’s hoping the show finds time to let her comedy chops shine as well.

Katy Perry will perform on SNL, Saturday, January 29.