One Of Lady Gaga’s Convicted Dog Thieves Is Reportedly Now Suing Her For $1.5 Million

TMZ is reporting that Jennifer McBride, the woman charged as an accessory to stealing Lady Gaga‘s French bulldogs, is now suing the singer. McBride is claiming that Gaga never paid the “no questions asked” amount of $500,000 she promised for the return of her dogs.

Now, McBride is asking that the court require Gaga to pay out $1.5 million — triple the amount of the initial reward. McBride claims to have returned the dogs to the LAPD Olympic Community station on February 26, two days after the theft of the dogs, however, she was charged after the fact in with receiving stolen property and being an accessory to the theft.

Meanwhile, L.A County Deputy District Attorney, Michele Hanisee, told the publication that McBride knew the dogs were stolen and sought to seek the reward.

Two of Gaga’s dogs were stolen on February 24, 2021, as TMZ reported, while Gaga was overseas in Italy filming House Of Gucci. Her dogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen from her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, at gunpoint. A group of men pulled up in a car, jumped out and stole the two dogs and shot Fischer in the process.

At the time of the theft, McBride was allegedly dating the father of one of the men who stole the dogs. She was later sentenced to two years of probation after pleading no contest to one count of receiving stolen property.