Lana Del Rey Has Only One Billboard To Promote Her New Album And It’s In Her Ex’s Hometown

Lana Del Rey is more than just an artist — she is an icon and inspiration to many. Taylor Swift once said she was “the most influential artist in pop” for her “vocal stylings, her lyrics, [and] her aesthetics.” That aesthetic includes being a badass woman that people don’t want to mess around with — and she proved that again today.

On Instagram, the “Born To Die” singer posted a picture of herself with a billboard promoting her forthcoming album, Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. The caption reads, “There’s only one, and it’s in Tulsa ☠️.” In the comments, she added, “It’s. Personal.”

Fans have been pointing out that Tulsa is where her ex lives — so yeah, it is personal!

In May, the Blue Banisters performer detailed the music she was working on. “It’s more just like: I’m angry. The songs are very conversational,” Del Rey said.

“For the first song, I pressed record and sang, ‘When I look back, tracing fingertips over plastic bags, I think I wish I could extrapolate some small intention or maybe get your attention for a minute or two.'” She continued, “It’s a very wordy album. So there’s no room for color. It’s almost like I’m typing in my mind.”